Leadership that Lasts

Leadership that Lasts

Co-Founder and President Chrissi Rhea with Co-Founder Chuck Tonkin

Do The Right Thing!

Since 1989, co-founders Chrissi Rhea and Chuck Tonkin have been leading Mortgage Investors Group.  They started with five employees in a small office in West Knoxville.  Now, MIG employs over 400 people and is the #1 mortgage lender in Tennessee.  Over these last 30 years, MIG’s mission of always doing what is right has never changed. 

They believe that when you do what is right, life will be very good for our clients, our company, and our family of employees. 

Leadership is a Verb

Leadership is a verb.  The word itself may be a noun, but its true meaning is an action verb.  Chuck and Chrissi have delivered on their promises for so long, and to so many people, they have set the standard for leaders across the financial services industry.  Actions speak louder than words.  Words mean nothing if they are not followed by real action.  Action is one of their secrets to success. 

They have spent their careers building leaders.  They have encouraged and guided hundreds of mortgage professionals, many of which still call MIG home.  They continue to stay active in every aspect of our company and have never led passively.  Doing what is right is not easy.  You have to roll up your sleeves and get in the game.  They have proven that you can do things the right way and still stay on top.   I heard a football coach say recently that the taste of dirt always makes the sugar taste better.  They have tasted the dirt. Now they are enjoying some of the sugar. 

Real Leaders

Real leaders give all the credit away.  When things go south, they take all of the blame.  That’s what leaders do. That is what Chuck and Chrissi do.  Leaders cast vision, not victims.  They have created a safe environment at MIG for people to thrive.  Promises made, promises kept.  In a strategy meeting just today, Chrissi said, “delivering on our promises is what this company is built on.”

MIG Gives Back

Chuck and Chrissi have always made sure that MIG gives back to the communities that we serve.  They built that culture early on.  The communities that we serve have given us everything that we have, and they have never forgotten that!  They are still giving back, and this holiday season is no exception.  Doing for others is what MIG was founded on.  

Thank you both for being the leaders that you are.  By investing in us, and showing us that you care, your generosity is being spread from Memphis to the Tri-Cities and everywhere in between.  Thank you for giving us a place we can all call home!