8th Grade Girls and the World

8th Grade Girls and the World

What does every 8th-grade girl need to hear? Well, today I watched a video that let me know exactly what I already knew. It is the thing we have been teaching Olivia for a long time.

At first I thought, “don’t tell me what my daughter needs to hear!”

Then I watched it…

My thoughts turned from totally negative to ‘she absolutely must watch this today!’

Here are some quick bullet points about the video:

  • The message in this video may resonate coming from someone other than the parents.
  • The consequences of her not hearing this message could be life altering.
  • The speaker is young, centered and married. Even though this video is four years old, the message is timeless.
  • This video has over 5 million views.

What is Important?

This title certainly has a Buzzfeed feel to it. Part of me did think it was just click bait. I clicked on it because of that. He used a very smart title to lure me in. I am sure glad he did.

Olivia’s spiritual health is more important to me than anything else. I am always looking for ways to be a better dad to Olivia. I know she sometimes feels Pam and I are like private investigators and our only job is to keep her from having any fun. Fun that she thinks she sees others having on social media and TV. Truly, we are only trying to protect her heart from this world.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

Romans 12:2

A Whole New World

Kids are being besieged by the world today. Every imaginable world philosophy or world “truth” is being piped right into the supercomputers in their pockets. Social media, the internet, TV, film, music, magazines, books, and even academia. They all want you to see the world through their lens or make you believe that Canon lenses fit Nikon cameras.

When I was her age we had Prodigy and AOL. We couldn’t be on the house phone and the internet at the same time! Remember when it would take 15 minutes to get an airline quote? For a trip you were never going to take! It would make you feel as though you were the #Jetsons or something! I didn’t have a computer until I was 14, and we sure didn’t keep them in our pockets! They weighed about 300 pounds and basically did nothing.

We live in a self-obsessed world. These ideas that flood our minds from non-biblical mediums seductively appeal, and so often kids begin to unknowingly stitch them into their worldview. (ADULTS TOO!)

For example, the biblical view found in 1 Thessalonians 4:3 about avoiding sexual immorality often gets filed under the ‘Things I will worry about when I am older, folder’ in our minds.

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality;”

1 Thessalonians 4:3

Are You Perfect?

I am only human, and I don’t claim perfection. I am not pitching a perfect game up to this point in my life. Before 1999, I was a mess in so many ways. Were my past transgressions simply because I was tempted, or did it begin much earlier, with the seductive lies from our sexualized society? I would say that my worldview was not biblically based. Not that my parents didn’t try very hard to instill these things into my life. The war on our minds was only beginning the “shock and awe phase” and technology outpaced their ability to adapt.

Here is the bottom line here folks. I don’t want Olivia and Patrick to have to go through what I went through. I know now what the world is feeding our kids for breakfast. It is not good for their souls. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t allow our kids to swim in the sea of this secular world, it just means we need to do everything in our power to make sure that their view of the world is seen through a biblical lens. When the waves come, and they need a lifeboat, I don’t want them looking for it on Instagram, Snapchat and VSCO.

Here is the video.


2 comments on “8th Grade Girls and the World

  1. Chrissi Rhea says:

    So beautifully stated,Kev and with such insight of today’s young people. As your parents, who grew upon in a small environment without outside influences like internet and easy access to “r”rated movies, we can only wish we knew to hold a tighter rein on our children. I am so proud of your understanding and the skills you have developed all on your own. You and Andrea have become such incredible parents and make me so proud. Love your insight and dedication.

    1. KevinRhea KevinRhea says:


      Thank you for always believing in me. Even when I didn’t believe in myself. You always did. You had to make some tough choices, but those choices are what saved my life. I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love and support and I am so blessed to have a mother as kind and caring as you! As we continue down this path called life, I will always be there for you no matter what. You don’t ever have to worry about your future because God has cast a net that never fails. I love you!

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